United first class upgrade to Milano for $550 plus 20,000

It is hard to believe that this will be my fifth trip to Italy this year.   January- Rome and Firenze , February skiing in the Dolomites, and Venice, May on tour in Puglia and then to Emilia Romagna, early October to Venice and Verona and this week Piemonte and Toscana.  With this job, I am  always searching for more information to share with all of you, this is the life of a professsional traveler to Italy.

Many people would want to ask, Am I tired of traveling to the same places?  But you see, I have not been to the same place this year, and with twenty regions  in Italy each one different, one never is bored.  This trip I am preped for   some glorious foods such as  Barolo, Dolcetto, Gianduja, risotto,  and Truffles.  In Venice the classic pairing is baccala mantecato and Friuliano.   Toscana will serve cingale in a hearty red sauce  ( and God-awful bread).

En route, the United Premier lounge  in Newark airport  is a good place to work, and wait until your flight is called.   Well worth the Chase Visa Card activation charge.  Here are some of the benefits of obtaining this card:  specialty lines for check in, specialty lines through security, and of course the lounge benefits such as snacks, drinks,  comfy chairs and electric outlets for all the business gear that a working traveler needs to stay connected.  Every seat  in the lounge is full by the way, however, when checking on my reservation to Milano apparently  the plane was not.  Whether this had to do with Emirates new discounted fare or the time I year, I do no know.    As a reluctant  flyer in coach class,   I seat surf frequently prior to departure,  to see if I can secure a more advantageous position with a tad more space.  Rarely,  is that the case, especially  when flying to Europe during high season months.

On this flight first class was  empty when I looked at the screen one last time. Then the offer came blinking in front of me,     First Class  Upgrade for $859.   That sounded pretty good, but I did not take it.  After passing security,  and having some time to review,  a little voice said,  Why not try first class?    When approaching the agent she had an even better offer. First Class for $550 and 20,000 miles  How can one resist?



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