Mediterraneo Interiore - Italian lifestyle

Mediterraneo Interiore - Italian lifestyle

Mediterraneo Interiore - a Hotel and Lifestyle book I am excited to share with you a new book that you can benefit from when deciding on where to go on your next Italian vacation. I came across a wonderful coffee table book which offers a selection of dream hotels that exemplify a perfect viaggio in Italia, titled Mediterraneo Interiore, this 223 page book features properties we all dream about.

Adriano Bacchella who photographed the twenty five or so properties featured, did a fine job framing and selecting the properties many of them are hotels that we often reserve for our clients. Franco Faggiani contributing editor, wrote the copy which eloquently explains the " where and how" to arrive at these fabulous properties and also touches on the gastronomy of each region as well. Combined they have made a great resource for those of us passionate about travel to Italy.

Here are a few of our favorites: I cannot imagine a visit to Sicily without a stay in a "masseria"- these fortified farms were necessary in the countryside to enable rural properties to to act as mini fortresses against the numerous raiders throughout the centuries. Mandranova is a Sicilian Masseria and award winning olive oil producing farm where the owners are noble and proud of their accomplishment and are very willing to share information and accommodation to travelers. A home and most comfortable base to explore the southern coast of Sicily, Licata, Agrigento, Piazza Amerina. Mandranova is and will remain one of my dear favorites. Silvia is a marvel in the kitchen and offers cooking lessons for those willing to forsake a day at the ruins to learn the art of Marzipan or Pasta alla Norma.

Another property featured in the book is Villa Le Barone, a privately owned villa located in the heart of the Chianti hills near Panzano. Offering a variety of room categories the property is well managed and the epitome of country life Italian style. A grand benefit to a stay here is their in- house trattoria serving savory hand made pastas and local plates such as panzanella. From Villa Le Barone you can easily take a day trip to either Siena or Florence.

These and other properties selected for inclusion in the book are small family owned properties and are not a part of the grand chains marketing which helps them to keep their unique identities and exclusivity. We highly suggest you purchase this book, and even better yet, allow us to plan your next visit to Italy. We promise to insert one or two of the hotels from the book. !

Mediterraneo Interiore is published by AdArte. Available from Amazon.For more photos: Adriano Bacchella visit

Villa le Barone
Marzipan class At MandranovaMandranova pool

Mandranova LR

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