The Italian Concierge Makes the Travel+Leisure A-List 5 Years in a Row!


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Travel + Leisure’s announced this week that Italian Concierge has made the Travel + Leisure A-List for the fifth year in a row (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013).

Travel+Leisure had some questions for me about my experiences in Italy that I wanted to share with you here.

Over years I've led tours and worked as a travel specialist, I've logged approximately 12,000 hours in Italy planning and leading groups. In the last year alone, I've visited Rome, Florence, Venice, the Dolomites, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, and Piemonte.

I do not consider myself a travel agent. My desire is only to see and experience everything in Italy. I could not answer one travel question about another country. My goal is to know Italy inside and out from every perspective, be it on foot, train, car, bike, skis, or boat.

The four most important milestone of my time in Italy have been:

  • when I hit my 10,001 hour. It is said that one needs 10,000 hours to be considered an expert.
  • when people in Italy started telling me "parli bene l'italiano" (you speak Italian well), I knew I had a foot resting on each continent
  • when I no longer needed a map or GPS to walk or drive in Sicily and the three art cities, Rome, Florence, and Venice
  • when the flight agent at Continental/United desk at Rome Fiumicino airport recognized me by sight and then by name

Thank you for helping us become A-Listers for the fifth year in a row!

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