What's in the Packet? Italian Concierge Provides More than Itineraries


As you can tell from our blog and newsletter ( or sign up here if you’re not already receiving it), I give away a lot of information about my favorite places in Italy for free.

But what about your favorite places in Italy?

I can help you figure out what they are, get there, and have the best experience possible through  full service travel planning.  I realized I forgot to tell you about one of the most important things: the guest packets.

What’s in the Italian Concierge Guest Packet

While all travel specialists send you the itinerary they’ve prepared for you, and many send additional information, such as lists of restaurants and attractions to explore in your free time, we are more interested in setting you up with what you need to have a full experience in Italy in every way.

Each packet includes:

  • your itinerary
  • contact information and photos of drivers
  • contact information, photos, and background information on each of your private tour guides
  • a lovely blank bound book for sketching or journaling
  • Michelin map of Italy, with driving routes for the whole country and zoomed-in street maps of major cities
  • my favorite Italian guidebook to orient you to the history and culture of the peninsula
  • an international adapter so you can keep your phone and camera ready to go on the road

Your itinerary information, along with all background and contact information for your team on the ground, is spiral bound for easy flipping through, and all your materials are enclosed in a folder that also includes brochures on your hotels and places you'll be visiting to help you day dream as you count the days till your Italian adventure!

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