A Different Side of Amalfi at Monastero Santa Rosa

Though I have been in contact with the staff at Monastero Santa Rosa for years, it was only this year, during my trip to Matera in the fall, that I finally made it out to visit this property high on the coastal road perched over the Amalfi coast.

The Location

IMG_2693"We work with several other five-star properties along the Amalfi coast, and initially, I had resisted visiting the monastery, because I thought the location—if you think driving on Amalfi’s coastal road is hairy, this place is best reached with a driver—was inconvenient, but upon visiting I saw the excellent silver lining."

Sitting high above the main road, Monastero Santa Rosa is free from the frenzy you usually find along Amalfi’s central artery.

In the classic coastal style, both the property and its gardens cascade down the hillside, but due to the lack of other hotels on either side, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the coast and the ocean.

Monastery Cuisine

Don’t expect ascetic, staid, monastic food here. To begin with, this is the home of the nuns who created the famous southern dessert sfogliatella, named for its layers of paper thin pastry, which are then stuffed with sweetened ricotta mixed with lemon or orange zest and occasionally some spices like pepper and cinnamon.

It will easy cost you 800 calories, but it’s worth every bite, like the food at the monastery today.

The hotel has imported a chef from the Hilton Pergola in Rome, and it shows. I honestly had the best of my visit to the Amalfi Coast in Monastero Santa Rosa’s restaurant. Like the tasteful renovation of the property, the food was clean and fresh. Exactly the flavorful, un-precious food that is truly authentic Italian cuisine. They also provided excellent wine pairings, and I enjoyed a fine rosato from Antinori Guado al Tasso.

Monastero Santa Rosa Rooms and Amenities

IMG_2695When historic properties are renovated, you are never quite sure what you are going to get: a hyper-modern reboot or an overly faithful medieval interior.

Monastero Santa Rosa strikes just the right balance, with contemporary tailored fabrics on antiques that create a vibe that is the ideal middle ground between fussy and sober. Due to its coastal location, all rooms have a view, as you would expect, but I would go for the corner suite. But with just 20 rooms, it is hard to go wrong.

The spa, which is truly designed for one person or a couple at a time, echos the same cozy dimensions as the hotel, and offers an intimate experiences with the same gracious staff and spot-on service you’ll find through out the property.

My Take-away?

I’m glad I finally visited, because this hotel offers a level of sophisticated peace and beauty far from what you usual find in an area with so much mass tourism.

They have mastered the arts of relaxation, style, and taste.

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