In honor of the beginning of warm weather and the Florence Gelato Festival, celebrated in one of the origins of the beloved treat now enjoyed worldwide, this month we’re taking a look at Italian gelato.

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In this month's newsletter, I recap the highlights of our time in Puglia with a slideshow, while also exploring the second part of the Via Appia - from Naples to Brindisi - which highlights the Pugilan coast.

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Italian tour guides are not just passionate art or architecture enthusiasts, well-versed locals, or even teachers with a side gig. Becoming an Italian tour guide is a pursuit that requires years of specific education and an extensive licensing exam.

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If you only have ten days, or one work week with the weekends on each side, you can take in the greatest hits, Italy’s famous art cites: Florence, Rome, and Venice. And, with proper planning, you can do it in a leisurely fashion and even take in a bit of the countryside.

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And whether you’ve been before or you just need a little break from the heaping crowds collectively craning their necks to gaze at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, these unusual things to do in Rome let your see the ancient city in a brand new light.

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