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As the Euro and Snow Fall

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

When is the best time to travel to Italy?

I just finished searching for mileage flights  on line so that I can return to Italy this winter.   You see winters are long and hard at 9,800 ft above Aspen, Colorado where we reside.  Considering that we are still technically in autumn, and have already had over a week of below zero days many of them with snow, it did not take much effort to convince myself to spend those 110,000 miles on two flights, and to go back to Italy for two months to reside for the remainder of the winter.  Italy has to seem balmy after five winters at this elevation. Hold that thought, and add to the flame,   a stronger dollar ( how this happened I will never know) and it makes Italy seem like a deal this winter.

When in Italy and when I do not need  to travel for R&D ( research and tour development) I stay outside of Firenze.  Being located off of SS2, the highway that links Siena and Florence is a most convenient location.  One can reach either city easily by bus.    Should the Euro continue to weaken against the dollar ( currently at 1.32), this will be the winter to be there.  Why, even a cappuccino  at Proccaci in Florence will seem like a deal.   I would much rather be sipping my” cappuccio ” between well heeled Fiorentines,  instead of elbowing my way between the “hey-dudes” at Cafe Ink in Aspen and then to add insult to injury paying close to  $5.00 for a latte.

Why not look for flights deals now?  Off season fares are ridiculously low from now until the end of March, when the warm weather returns.   You could mark your calendar by the spike in fares as soon as the thermometer leans towards 60.  But why not go now?

I look forward to hearing only Italian spoken during these winter months, a rare event in the travel worn Art Cities of Rome, Florence and Venice.  When Italy returns to the Italians that is when I want to be there.  Last Year I went to Calabria in February.  It was warm and often wet,  and we wore only a rain coat (no gloves or hats, but of course a scarf).  Easy travel gear to bring if you ask me.  I was toting my new  Moschino black umbrella with different shapes of pasta placed in the shape of  hearts.   Darn , lost it at the museum in Locri, Calabria.  The sun was strong  when it peaked through the clouds , when we left the museum  and it glistened as it bounced off of the Ionian Sea.  I forgot about the umbrella.  But ten days is not enough to beat the winter blues even if you are site seeing  the  Bergamot  tree that only grows in Calabria.   It was easy to forget winter for those few days.

This year, I’ll be back in Aspen for the last twoweeks of spring skiing, when the nights are cold but the days warm up in the 40′s. But for the moment,  there are other things to do.      AIS- The Italian Sommelier Toscana Association has the Livelli Uno class offered late January and I am not going to miss it this year.

Enjoy Winter!

un bel cafe

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